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Want to make a difference in your company's effectiveness and in your industry's success?

Then it's time to join the American Gas Association.

Membership in AGA offers unequaled benefits. Because of its size and its influence at the national level, AGA accomplishes a great deal more, at a much lower cost, than an individual natural gas company can on its own.

By working collectively, AGA members:

  • Address common concerns;
  • Protect the interests of their industry;
  • Enhance their operational excellence; and
  • Promote efficient use of natural gas.

AGA, headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., is the national trade association representing energy utilities that deliver natural gas.

Our distribution member companies, located in all 50 states, deliver natural gas to 68 million customers throughout the US. Membership includes publicly traded energy utilities, municipally owned and privately held companies. 

North American natural gas distributors, pipelines, marketers and storage facilities comprise another major segment of our membership.

Our mission is to serve as the advocate on behalf of energy utilities that deliver natural gas, as well as to assist our member companies in their efforts to achieve operational excellence and sustained growth.

AGA is governed by a board of directors, consisting of senior executives of 45 member companies.

The direction for AGA activities is developed annually through a membership satisfaction survey, meetings of the AGA Board Strategic Planning Committee, and a member-driven review of AGA’s advocacy priorities.  Information from each of these processes is then combined annually into an AGA Business Operating Plan, which is approved by the board early in each year.  AGA’s performance is then measured based upon the Business Operating Plan, and officer compensation is predicated on performance on this plan.

Categories of Membership

Full members: U.S. natural gas distribution companies and their corporate parents.

Limited members: U.S. natural gas transmission companies, Canadian and Mexican natural gas distribution and transmission companies; and natural gas marketers, brokers and gatherers; and LNG companies.

Associate members: Natural gas suppliers; consultants; professionals in the operating, financial, marketing and legal communities; and others who provide services to the natural gas industry.

International members and international affiliate members: Organizations outside of North America that are interested in international natural gas activities.


For more information contact Ysabel Suarez or call 202-824-7024.


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