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 Public Utility Accounting Courses: Introduction & Advanced 



Denver, CO


EEI/AGA Public Utility Accounting Courses
Advanced Public Utility Accounting
Introduction to Public Utility Accounting

August 25-28, 2014

Denver Marriott City Center Hotel
1701 California Street
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 297-1300 

EEI and AGA will be conducting their annual four-day programs on public utility accounting.  The courses are taught by expert utility instructors and respected leaders in the field. 

Introduction to Public Utility Accounting (For Preliminary Agenda and Registration)
This course concentrates on the fundamentals of public utility accounting and provides an understanding of the utility business.  This course is geared towards recently hired accountants and supervisors in the accounting, auditing, and financial areas.

Topics will include:
1. Public Utility Accounting and Financial Reporting
2. Capital Structure and Liability Management
3. Depreciation Accounting Principles (intro level)
4. Income Tax – Ratemaking and Accounting Issues (intro level)
5. Derivative Accounting
6. Planning and Budgeting Issues (intro level)
7. Property Accounting
8. Utility Ratemaking Process
9. Current Gas and Electric Industry Structure & Issues
10. Other Topics TBD

Advanced Public Utility Accounting (For Preliminary Agenda and Registration)
This course concentrates on complex and specific advanced accounting and industry topics plus timely accounting issues.  Participants should be experienced or knowledgeable in utility accounting due to the advanced nature of the material.

Topics will include:
1. Environmental & Emission Allowance Accounting
2. Capital Structure & Liability Management
3. FASB/SEC Update
4. Utility Income Taxes – Accounting, Tax, & Financial Reporting (advanced level)
5. Accounting for Asset Retirement Obligations (AROs)
6. Critical and Current Disclosure Requirements
7. Changing Regulatory Environment
8. Planning & Budgeting Issues (advanced level)
9. Derivative Accounting
10. The Utility Industry After the Great Recession
11. Rate Case Preparation
12. Current Gas and Electric Industry Structure & Issues
13. Other Topics TBD

These four-day programs will be held in Denver, CO and are open to everyone.  Preliminary agendas are posted above.

To visit the EEI website, CLICK HERE

For additional information, contact Doug Allen at (202) 824-7261 or Randall Hartman at (202) 508-5494


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