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Exploring Opportunities for LDC's/AGA to Leverage Natural Gas Messaging Initiatives
AGA Communications and Marketing Committee Meeting - March 26-27, 2012
AGA Communications and Marketing Committee Meeting Fall 2012

 AGA Communications and Marketing Committee Meeting - March 26-27, 2012 

Residential Market Outlook
Jeff Calore, Group Publisher of Residential Construction, Hanley Wood Business Media

Squeezing Every Btu: Natural Gas Direct Use of Opportunities and Challenges
Richard Meyer, AGA Energy Analyst

Gaining Load through Existing Customers and New Construction
Mike Peacock, Manager, Energy Programs, Rinnai
Deborah Leuffen, Manager of Marketing Programs, UGI Utilities
Katherine Ferguson, Manager of Strategic Market Planning & Development, DTE Energy

Natural Gas Growth Initiatives
Lori Traweek, AGA Senior Vice President and COO
Rick Murphy, AGA Consultant

Home Builder Initiative and International Builders' Show
Tracy Burleson, AGA Director of Communications

An Innovative Approach to the Multi-Family Market
Ana Hargrove, Sales Manager, CenterPoint Energy

Internal Communications Best Practices: Increasing Support for Communications and Marketing Activities from Senior Management
Colin Shay, Director of Marketing, Sales and Project Management, Washington Gas Light
Allen Westbrook, Vice President, Vice President of Marketing, UGI Utilities

Crisis Communications and Social Media
Michael Bassik, CEO, Proof Integrated Communications
Beth Foley, Senior Director of External Communications and Katie Romans, Manager, External Communications, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Energy Efficiency Programs
Todd Bereman, Manager, CIP Implementation, CenterPoint Energy
Sucheta Lakhani, Engagement Manager, Opower

Call Before You Dig
Erika Lee, Vice President of Operations and Administration, Common Ground Alliance

Jay Copan, AGA Senior Advisor and Executive Director, LNG17


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