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 Odorization Webinar Series - July 28, 2010 — December 1, 2010 



AGA Headquarters - Washington DC

July 28, 2010 & December 1, 2010

(Each webinar will run from 2.00 PM to 3.30 PM Eastern)

AGA is conducting a series of audio conference sessions on natural gas odorization issues. Member utilities will be sharing their company strategies and practices in all aspects of their odor management program:

  • Practices used in establishing, maintaining and monitoring proper odorant levels
  • Company experiences and practices in addressing odor fade
  • Training and testing of employees
  • Inspection frequencies of odorizing equipment
  • Critical elements of a successful odorization program
  • Discuss studies and research that can fill knowledge gaps

Guest presenters will include industry experts and consultants who will share supporting information for utilities that may be refining their odor management program.


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