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CounselsReport-Zakupowsky.pptCounselsReport-ZakupowskyMs. Ashley Duckman
Tax Update 6-27-11 AGA Tax Com 1-Fritts.pptTax Update 6-27-11 AGA Tax Com 1-FrittsMs. Ashley Duckman
Impact of Bonus Depreciation on Utilities- Rose.pptImpact of Bonus Depreciation on Utilities- RoseMs. Ashley Duckman
Update on 263A-Baird.pdfUpdate on 263A-BairdMs. Ashley Duckman
Update on Cases- Montalbano.pptUpdate on Cases- MontalbanoMs. Ashley Duckman
Bonus Depreciation- Anderson.pptxBonus Depreciation- AndersonMs. Ashley Duckman
Agenda FINAL w-logos 6--26-29--11.pdfAgenda FINAL w-logos 6--26-29--11Mr. Nathaniel S. Craft

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 AGA/INGAA Taxation Committee Meeting 




The June Taxation Committee meeting serves to inform AGA and INGAA members of tax issues which impact the industry; to develop, where possible, uniform industry positions with respect to pending or proposed tax matters (e.g., legislation, regulations, rulings, etc.); and to coordinate industry positions.

Additionally this meeting will serve as a tool to improve the tax knowledge and proficiency of committee members by bringing in seasoned professionals to educate and discuss issues, including the recent repair regulations, executive compensation and property tax valuation & nexus. This meeting will also provide committee members with a unique opportunity to discuss the current economic, tax, and legislative climate as it affects our industry with members of staff from Capitol Hill.

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