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Events at a Glance
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2012 Events
2013 AGA Financial Forum Planning Meeting
Accounting for Impairment of Long Lived Asset Seminar
Accounting Principles Committee Meeting
AGA 2012 Energy Market Regulation Conference
AGA Accounting Services Committee Meeting
AGA Accounting Services Committee/EEI Corporate Accounting Committee/EEI Property Accounting & Valuation Committee Meeting
AGA Cybersecurity Member Update Teleconference
AGA Environmental Webinar on IPaC: How to Use the New Web – GIS Map Tool to Plan Projects and Reduce Endangered Species Act Permit Delays
AGA Executive Committee Meeting
AGA Gas Rate and Regulatory Issues Course
AGA Gas Rate Course
AGA Growth Task Force Meeting
AGA Leadership Council Meeting
AGA Legal Committee Meeting
AGA Luncheon Presentation to the North Carolina Financial Community
AGA New York Financial Mini-Forum
AGA Pipeline Safety Audio Conference
AGA Webinar on Greenhouse Gas Reporting Under Subpart W Rule
AGA/EEI Security Conference
AGA/EEI Accounting for Energy Derivatives
AGA/EEI Accounting Leadership Conference
AGA/EEI Chief Audit Executive Conference
AGA/EEI Customer Service Conference & Exposition
AGA/EEI DataSource Workshop
AGA/EEI Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Utility Professionals Seminar
AGA/EEI Introduction and Advanced Public Utility Accounting Courses
AGA/EEI Property Accounting & Depreciation Training Seminar
AGA/EEI Security Committee Meetings & Joint Security Conference
AGA/EEI Utility Internal Auditor’s Training Course
AGA/INGAA Taxation Committee Meeting
AGA/INGAA Taxation Committee Meeting
AGA/SPE Underground Storage Operators Workshop
AGA-SGA Transmission Best Practices Benchmarking Program Kickoff Web Conference – Part 1
AGA-SGA Transmission Best Practices Benchmarking Program Kickoff Web Conference – Part 2
AGA-SGA Transmission Best Practices Program MAOP Validation Roundtable
Board of Directors Meeting
Board of Directors Meeting
Board of Directors Meeting
Boiler MACT: Opportunities for Natural Gas Utilities Webinar
Building Energy Codes & Standards Committee Meeting
Building Energy Codes and Standards Committee Meeting
Building Energy Codes and Standards Committee Meeting
Communications and Marketing Committee Meeting
Communications and Marketing Committee Meeting
DIMP Workshop
Distribution Best Practices Follow-up Conference
Distribution Best Practices Kickoff Meeting
EEI/AGA Audit Committee Training: A Utility Perspective for Directors
EEI/AGA Beyond the Boardroom: Understanding the Energy Industry
EEI/AGA Labor & Employee Relations Conference
Emergency Response Webinar
Executive Committee Meeting
Executive Conference
Executive Leadership Development Program
External Corrosion Prevention Best Practices Roundtable
Fall Environmental Regulatory Affairs Committee Meeting
Finance Committee Meeting
Finance Committee Meeting
Financial Forum
Gas Control Room Management Roundtable
Gas Piping Technology Committee
Gas Piping Technology Committee
Gas Piping Technology Committee
IGU Executive Committee Meeting
Investor Relations Workshop
Legal Forum
Legislative Forum
LNG 17 – The American Pavilion – Learn Why Your Company Needs to Be Part of It (Webinar)
National Fuel Gas Code Committee Meeting
NYSSA 2012 Presentation
Operating Section Fall Committee Meetings and/or Executive Leadership Safety Summit (2012)
Operating Section Spring Committee Meetings
Operations Conference
Operator Qualification and Training Roundtable
OSRAC Spring Meeting
Plastic Joining Web Conference
Plastic Pipe Data Collection Web Conference
Plastic Piping Data Collection Initiative Overview Web Conference
Quality Management for Gas Operations Workshop
Rate Committee Meeting and Regulatory Issues Seminar
Reauthorization and Transmission Pipeline Design, Construction and Operations
Regional Operations Executive Roundtables
Rethinking Natural Gas - Opportunities for Efficiency in a New Market Environment
Risk Management Committee Meeting
SEE Action Network Webinar
Small Member Council
Small Member Council Meeting
Supplemental Gas Best Practices Kickoff Web Conference (March 2012)
System Regulation and Valve Inspection and Maintenance Roundtable
Third Annual World Shale Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition
TMC Winter Meeting & ANSI B109 Committee
Uncollectibles Workshop
2013 Events
Natural Gas Roundtable
Sponsorship & Exhibit Opportunities

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