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 Best Practices DIMP Roundtable  



Ft. Worth, TX


This meeting is limited only to AGA member utilities participating in the 2014 Gas Utility Operations Best Practices program.

The Best Practices Program roundtables are designed to provide in-depth discussions on company practices and procedures for the specific benchmarking topic.  The roundtables will feature company presentations from top-performing companies (identified through the benchmarking data reports) as well as companies identified for having unique programs or practices (identified through the questionnaire response summaries).

Companies will give presentations on specific processes and practices that have contributed to their outstanding operational performance in the implementation of the Distribution Integrity Management regulation program.

Areas of focus for this meeting include:

  • Pipe Replacement programs
  • Data Integration & Records
  • Risk assessment and A/A actions
  • Cross-bores Identification and Prevention
  • DIMP Plan Oversight and Administration

Following the presentations, attendees will assemble into breakout groups for in-depth group discussions on specific operational challenges and identify best practices to address those challenges.  The roundtable will conclude with a best practices summary presentation from each breakout group.

Click here to register, and to obtain additional information including a preliminary agenda.


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