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 Transmission Pipeline Workshop  



Omni Royal Orleans 621 St. Louis Street New Orleans, LA 70140 T.504-529-5333


This workshop will feature presentations and case studies from pipeline operators and service providers on actions being taken to proactively address provisions in the 2011 Pipeline Safety Reauthorization. There will also be regulatory updates provided on the status of federal rule makings. Regulators, pipeline operators, and service providers are all invited to participate in this forum.

Presentations and discussions will focus on key issues such as:

  • Update on PHMSA's Integrity Verification Process
  • Actions being taken to address incomplete MAOP records
  • Actions that pipeline operators are currently taking to prepare themselves for new regulations and amendments to § 192.619
  • Update on R&D initiatives that may provide solutions to operational challenges
  • Commentary on the data that PHMSA collected as part of its annual transmission operators report in 2013 and what is being collected for 2014.
  • Lessons learned by operators in pressure testing in-service transmission pipelines
  • Experience of LDCs on installation of remote control valves and automatic shutoff valves

A detailed agenda will be available in late January. To register for this event, please CLICK HERE.

Note: Sponsorship opportunities are available for AGA Associate Members.

For more information, contact Andrew Lu,


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