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 SEE Action Network: An Energy Efficiency Resource for Natural Gas Utilities 

On Monday May 7th, AGA hosted a webinar that presented members with information regarding the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action (SEE Action) Network, which was created in the aftermath of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (NAPEE), and showed them how they might take advantage of the resources provided by SEE Action.

Johanna Zetterberg and Katrina Pielli of the Department of Energy discussed SEE Action, its resources, and recent developments. Anne-Marie Peracchio, Director of Conservation and Clean Energy Policy at New Jersey Natural Gas and a member of SEE Action, shared her perspective as a utility member and spoke of the value gained from actively participating in the SEE Action Network.

AGA members may also benefit from being involved in the SEE Action Network.  They may opt to use the free resources, which the SEE Action Network develops through a collaborative and consensus process, when engaging with their regulators or other policymakers. They may also become active participants in one or more of the eight working groups or serve as technical reviewer of the resource materials under development. SEE Action presents a valuable forum for presenting the varied perspectives LDCs represent across regions and service territories.

For more information about the resources and activities related to SEE Action, you may contact Elizabeth Noll or visit the SEE Action Network.


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