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Accounting Principles Committee – August 15-17, 2011
Accounting Leadersship Conference - June 27-29, 2011
Chief Audit Executives Conference – June 27-29, 2011
2009 IFRS...Preparedness to Conversion Seminar - September 17-18, 2009
Accounting Principles Committee - August 10-12, 2009
10th Annual AGA/EEI Accounting Leadership - June 21-24, 2009
Accounting for Energy Derivatives Workshop and Seminar
Accounting Principles Committee Meeting - August 13-15, 2012
AGA Accounting Principles Committee Meeting - August 18-20, 2014
AGA/EEI Accounting Leadership Conference – June 24-26, 2013
AGA/EEI Spring Accounting Conference - May 21-23, 2012
Spring Accounting Conference San Antonio May 2014
Spring Accounting Conference Vancouver May 2013
Accounting For Energy Derivatives Seminar -September 13-14, 2012

 Spring Accounting Conference San Antonio May 2014 


Industry Leadership in Finance & Accounting:  A Strategic and Performance Management Perspective - Dean C. Maschoff
Finance & Accounting Shared Metrics - Breaking Down Silos - Brian Peterson, Brian Lazarus, Chuck Marre, Dean C. Maschoff
Natural Gas Market Fundamentals and a National Outlook for Natural Gas Vehicles - Chris McGill
FASB/FERC/SEC Update - Sean Riley
Natural Gas Update - Chris McGill
Electric Industry Update - Aryeh Fishman
Wall Street Update - Gabe Grosberg
Technology Issues and Trends:  Cyber Security, Mobile Technology, & Cloud Computing- Mark Guth
FERC Accounting and Reporting Issues - Georgia Hale, Jennifer Boureois, Kevin Martin, Ryan Stanley


Economic Outlook- John Caldwell
Load Forecasting- Josh Kliever
Managing Risk - Sensitivities to Budgeting/Earnings - David Bowler
Lean Review of the Budget Planning - Josh Kliever
Business Intelligence Tools - Hari Cherukupally, Tom Tretter
Review and Update of BFFC Matrix of Common Questions, Statistics, Software, etc.


Accounting Questions Old & New - The Topics that Keep Coming Up - Sean Riley
Above the Line, Below the Line:  Accounting for Non-Recovered Items & Disallowed Costs Discussion - Georgia Hale, Theresa Uzenski, Russell Wright
Business Continuity in a Crisis Discussion - Mark Guth, Lisa Saragusa
Accelerating External Reporting: Reporting Best Practices and Automating the Process - Caroline Garcia, Brian Peterson, Dennis Tochman
Automating Regulatory Reporting - Lisa Saragusa
Corporate Accounting Survey Results


Evaluating New Assets & Technologies for Your Retirement Unit Catalog (RUC) - Lisa Perkett
Accelerating Recovery of Early Retired Major Plant - Dick Clarke, Dane Watson
Updating Your Retirement Unit Catalog (RUC) - Elizabeth Blankenship, Dawn Millar
Rate Riders Update Panel Discussion - Chuck Marre, Ryan Risse
Retirement Practices from the Field Discussion - Alex Elkin, Catherine Mueller
Property Accounting Survey Results

 *Presentations are listed in chronological order.

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