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AGA/EEI Chief Audit Executives Conference – June 24-26, 2013
AGA/EEI Utility Internal Auditor’s Training Course – August 26-28, 2013
Chief Internal Auditor Conference - June 21-24, 2009

 Chief Internal Auditor Conference - June 21-24, 2009 

Enforcement of Reliability Standards - Steve Naumann
Where Should Your Compliance Function Be?Gareth Elliot
Effective Fraud ProgramsDoug TymkiwGareth Elliot
How To Focus Your Audit Plan To Effectively Monitor RiskJeff BeasleyPatty Shell | Lee Randall
Protection of Sensitive DataAndy Serwin
Update on Audit Reporting, Rating and Maturity ModelsGareth Elliot
Using Maturity Models to Enhance the Value of Internal AuditingPaul Sobel
Discussion on Audit Committee Issues and ConcernsGareth Elliot

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