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How Does the Natural Gas Delivery System Work?
What Is Natural Gas?
Natural Gas 101 - An Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry
Natural Gas: The Basics
Dry Two Loads Of Laundry With Natural Gas For Same Cost As One Load With Electricity
Primer on Natural Gas Prices
Natural Gas Rates
Natural Gas Pipelines: Safe, Sound and Underground
What Causes Natural Gas Pipeline Accidents?
Assisting Income-Eligible Customers Remains Priority for Natural Gas Utilities
Homegrown Fuel Helps Energize U.S.
Sources for Information on Using Energy Wisely
LIHEAP Resources
Validation of Direct Natural Gas Use to Reduce CO2 Emissions
Naturally Green Homes
Additional Resources

 Natural Gas 101 - An Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry 

Please note, this PowerPoint presentation is 41 slides long and 4.7 MB in size. Accordingly, it may take a few minutes to download to your computer. It is also posted in PDF format (3.7 MB), which should download slightly faster. Files are available under "Related Links."

Additional notes have been provided on some of these slides (PowerPoint version only).  If you download (save) the slides to your computer, and select "Notes Page" under the "View" tab, you will see these notes below selected slides.


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