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 Scope of ANSI B109.1-'92 

Scope of ANSI B109.1 - '92 for Diaphragm-Type Gas Displacement Meters (Under 500-Cubic-Feet-per-hour Capacity)

This standard applies to diaphragm type gas displacement meters having a flow rating of less than 500 cubic feet per hour (14.16 m3/h) capacity at 0.5 inch water column (125 Pa) differential pressure at standard conditions, designed for the volumetric revenue measurement of gas.

Part I comprises a list of definitions and terms used throughout the text.

Part II and III cover construction and performance requirements for new types of meters in the designated flow rate range, constructed entirely of new, unused parts and materials.

Part IV covers gas meter "in-service" performance requirements for diaphragm displacement meters.

Part V addresses installation requirements for these meters.

Part VI pertains to auxiliary devices used with gas meters covered by this standard.

Part VII covers test methods and equipment."


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