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 2013 Topics 

Emergency Response
Activities associated with an emergency response beginning from the original call until the first responder arrives at the scene. The first responder is the individual or crew that is capable of making repairs to correct the problem or determining the next level of participation.

Emergency calls are all those which involve a possible natural gas leak, or which require an immediate response. The activity being measured is the time frame from the inception of the customer call until the first responder arrives. We are not measuring the time required to make the repair or make safe.

Public Awareness
Activities associated with the compliance with 192.616 and meeting API’s RP1162 standard. Performance is based upon results in educating four primary stakeholder groups:

1) The affected public;
2) Local and state emergency response and planning agencies;
3) Local public officials and governing councils; and
4) Excavators

Meter Protection
Collection of practices, policies, and strategies used by operators in order to prevent damage to meters from outside forces such as vehicular damage, construction, customer activities, and weather.

Quality Management
The collection of all quality related activities which includes quality assurance work such as auditing and process assessments, quality control activities including random sampling of field activities to measure key areas, investigations of incidents including root cause analyses, and a corrective action program. Quality Management also includes the organization support through dedicated (and appropriately independent) quality focused personnel and the procedures which govern their work.

Company Profile
Gathers information on miles of distribution main, operations and maintenance expenses, e.g. meter and house regulators expenses, customer installation expenses, number of gas metered customers, aggregated sales of natural gas, number of gas employees, aggregated gas operating and residential customer revenue, aggregated gas operating income, heating degree days, etc.

System Reliability
Activities related to providing safe, continuous gas energy and other related gas distribution services, while maintaining system integrity and protection of life and property for our customers.  Topics areas covered are: Operating Environment, Leak Management, Damage Prevention, System Replacement and Emergency Response.



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