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 Congressional Briefing on Renewable Natural Gas 

Renewable natural gas is an important part of the portfolio of clean energy solutions needed to answer the climate and energy challenges that are before us today. This briefing will bring together a panel of policy and industry experts, and answer the following questions:

  • What is renewable natural gas?
  • What are its energy and environmental benefits?
  • What are its economic benefits—how does it help communities and create jobs?
  • What are the legislative proposals that would support its expansion?

Opening and Objectives
Mr. Jeff Petrash, Senior Managing Counsel, American Gas Association
Ms. Lisa Jacobson, Executive Director, Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Panel 1:  What is Renewable Natural Gas & How Does it Benefit the Environment
Mr. Dan LeFevers, Executive Director, Gas Technology Institute
Mr. Chris Voell, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Panel II:  Renewable Biogas -  Helping Communities and Creating Jobs
Mr. Rich Kessel, President & CEO, Environmental Power Corporation
Ms. Marisa Uchin, Manager, Federal Government Affairs, PG&E Corporation

Question & Answer and Closing Remarks


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