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 DOE Furnace Rule Waiver 


February 10, 2012

Final comments of the joint stakeholder group that were submitted to DOE on Monday for consideration in the development of an enforcement plan for regional efficiency standards for furnaces, air conditioners and heat-pumps.   

Nine organizations signed on to our joint submission to DOE, including:  Air Conditioning Contractors of America; Alliance to Save Energy; American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; American Gas Association; Appliance Standards Awareness Project; Consumer Federation of America; National Consumer Law Center; Natural Resources Defense Council; and Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors- National Association.

To reinforce our message, AGA has prepared a sample letter of support for our individual members to submit to DOE expressing their support for the comments of the waiver design group. 

As we continue work on this initiative together, we welcome any suggestions you might have regarding how we can ensure an outcome that will provide a positive outcome for residential consumers.




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