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Gas Piping Technology Committee: ANSI ASC Z380
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AGA Recommends Disapproval of Draft Standards for Excess Flow Valves
2006 National Fuel Gas Code - Summary of Major Revisions
Product Alert: Building an Energy Efficient Home Makes Total Sense with New Software Package
Proposals to Revise the 2006 National Fuel Gas Code are Due on November 22, 2006
Comparison of the 2002 National Fuel Gas Code and the 2003 International Fuel Gas Code
Solicitation of Participation: The Natural Gas Codes and Standards Research Consortium
Committee Ballot on Actions Taken at the March Committee Meeting
Up to Code - Recent mode building code consolidation could mean even more new home will choose natural gas.
DOE to Issue Direct Final Rule (DFR) on Residential Furnaces Mandating 90% AFUE Furnaces in the “North”
EPA Proposes Inequitable ENERGY STAR Criteria for Residential Water Heaters (Apr 2014)
CPSC Consumer Safety Brochure (Apr 2014)
Codes and Standards Research Consortium
DOE Furnace Rule Waiver

 CPSC Consumer Safety Brochure (Apr 2014) 

The AGA BECS Committee's Education Task Force  is charged with developing and disseminating information and educational code and safety related materials to help provide a timely and technically sound messages on natural gas applications and   installations.  Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commissions (CPSC) approved an update of a generic consumer safety brochure that the BECS Committee revised through the efforts of the  Education Task Force. The updated document  provides important safety messages for consumers. Please feel free to provide it to departments within your organization who may wish to use if for mailings, etc. Note that you may wish to add your companies’ logo to it and if so, AGA can provide a version suitable for incorporating information about your organization.    

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