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 Emergency Planning Resource Center 

The Emergency Planning Resource Center is a springboard to the AGA Mutual Assistance Program, Situation Reports and Government & Private Sector Links to support all-hazards response, recovery and restoration.  This site is an evergreen product of the AGA Utility & Customer Field Services Committee.

AGA MUTUAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: The American Gas Association offers its members (utilities, transmission, and manufacturers/suppliers/service providers) a  voluntary, no-fee mutual assistance program designed to suit the wide variation of needs of its member companies across the United States and Canada.  The program is based on a coalition of AGA member companies, which agree to a set of baseline provisions that govern mutual assistance and agree to populate and maintain the AGA Mutual Assistance Database with company-specific emergency contact information, field capabilities and other key resources available for mutual assistance.  The purpose of the AGA program is to supplement local, state and regional mutual assistance programs and is intended for those unprecedented man-made or natural disasters requiring the dedication of response/recovery/restoration resources outside the limits of existing mutual aid programs.  The incorporation of the AGA Mutual Assistance Program into a company's emergency planning portfolio enhances advanced planning and effectuates response efforts in time of extenuating circumstances.

Participation is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Review the Master Operations Assistance Agreement (MOAA); sign; and submit to Mike Bellman, American Gas Association, 400 North Capitol Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001 or via email to  Note, this is intentionally a non-binding agreement, which lays out the ground rules for Requesting and Responding Companies.  Its intent is to establish participating companies' expectations in advance of the need for assistance.
    2. Go to the AGA Mutual Assistance Database, and enter company-specific emergency contact information, field capabilities and other key resources available for mutual assistance.
    3. In time of need, refer to the searchable Mutual Assistance Database for Responding Companies that potentially meet your needs, and reach out to them with the Request For Assistance (RFA) form (the binding contract between Requesting and Responding Companies)

EMERGENCY SITUATION REPORTS: During a major national event/disaster, the Department of Energy issues Situation Reports to advise stakeholders of hazards' status, outages, response/recovery efforts, etc.

2014 Nation Wide Mutual Assistance Mock Drill Overview

Lessons Learned - 2014 Mutual Assistance Drill

List of Signatories (as of July 2, 2014)

Still have questions? Checkout the Frequently Asked Questions.

GOVERNMENT & PRIVATE SECTOR LINKS: The following weblinks lead to other resources which may be useful for emergency planning. 

DOE Overview on Response to the Sandy-Nor’Easter and Recommendations for Improvement

Northeast Gas Association Mutual Aid Program
Southern Gas Association Emergency Management
Western Region Mutual Assistance Agreement
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Oil & Natural Gas Industry Preparedness Handbook

For further information, contact Mike Bellman at


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