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 Operations Discussion Groups 

AGA’s Operations Discussion Groups are an opportunity for member companies to come together to address the operational challenges they face.

These discussion groups are essentially “virtual” roundtables where members can hear presentations and exchange information, ideas, and practices.  Each discussion group will meet by webinar or conference call on a quarterly basis with each session lasting between 45 and 90 minutes.                                 
The discussion groups are different from our traditional technical committees in several ways:

  • No face-to-face meetings
  • No summaries or formal agendas provided
  • No projects
  • Discussion groups can change each year based upon member interest   

 The benefits include:

  • Allows members to network continually with other utilities that share a particular interest in a given area
  • Provides scheduled forums for members to freely exchange experiences and information with other utilities
  • Allows companies to select multiple representatives for a particular topic
  • No travel involved, minimal time commitment

In 2013, the discussion groups have been established for six key areas: Asset Management; Damage Prevention; GPS/GIS & Work Management Systems; Management of Company Standards; Pipeline Safety, Compliance, Oversight; Quality Management; and Transmission Integrity Management Program (TIMP) Risk Models & Threat Matrix.

Dates for each of the calls/webinars are distributed to group members as well as published in our weekly e-Newletter.

Below is contact information for the AGA Staff Executive in charge of each group.  Access to the specific discussion group sites is limited to members of the group.  To be added to a group, please contact the AGA staff executive listed below.  Companies may have multiple representatives in each group.

  • Asset Management - Contact Kate Miller,
  • Damage Prevention - Contact Andrew Lu,
  • GPS/GIS & Work Management Systems - Contact Junaid Faruq,
  • Management of Company Standards - Contact Mike Bellman,
  • Pipeline Safety, Compliance, Oversight - Contact Junaid Faruq,
  • Quality Management Task Group - Contact Andrew Lu,
  • Transmission Integrity Management Program (TIMP) Risk Models & Threat Matrix - Contact Erin Carmichael, 

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