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 Plastic Piping Data Collection Initiative 

The Plastic Piping Data Collection Initiative is a voluntary data collection effort to gather data on plastic material failures/leaks. Currently 110 operators actively submit data. Data from submitters is aggregated and no individual submitter is identified with any specific data. The data is examined by a group of stakeholders representing AGA, the American Public Gas Association, Plastics Pipe Institute, National Association of Regulatory Commissioners, National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives, and the US Department of Transportations' Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.


The database is made up of 27.6% pipe, 47.7% fittings, 11.7% joints, 9.8% valves and 3.2% component not identified.


The plastic Piping Data Committee (PPDC) has performed analysis Failures by Years in Service, 5 Year Intervals, for Pipe, Fittings and Joints


The PPDC has performed analysis on Failures/Leaks by Year Installed as reported to PPDC for Aldyl pipe, fittings and joints.


For questions regarding the program, contact Kate Miller, 202-824-7342,

Data can be submitted by mail, electronically on diskette, or by fax. For fax submission, please use the secure dedicated fax number 202-821-7342, or



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