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Frequently Asked Questions on Plastic Pipe Failure Data Reporting
Plastic Pipe Timeline
PPDC Introductory Information and how to complete Data Report
PPDC Update 5-2010 (Anita Romero Presenter)
Plastic Manufacturers Chart
PPDC DIMP Comments - October 2008
Plastic Pipe Database Update Presented at AGA 2011 Spring Operations Conference
PPDC Overview
PPDC Process Procedures
PPDC Consensus Mission Charter
PPDC Presentation at Vintage Pipes Workshop
PPI's Comparison Between 1999 and 2009a Versions of ASTM D2513
PPDC Roster as of August 2014
List of Operators Actively Submitting to PPDC as of August 2014
Pipe Identification Brochure
Presentation: What's New With Plastic Piping?

 PPDC Process Procedures 

This document describes the process AGA follows to receive and record data submissions.

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