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 Gas Facts 

Gas Facts is the comprehensive statistical record of the natural gas industry, containing 2007 data detailing energy reserves, natural gas supply, consumption, underground storage, distribution and transmission, end-users, sales, transportation volumes, revenues, prices, appliance and housing data, finance and personnel.

Gas Facts has been the desk ‘bible’ of the natural gas industry for more than 50 years, a one-stop compendium pulling together information from a wide range of sources, including the Uniform Statistical Report, the Energy Information Administration and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

A few examples of the reports found in the current edition include:


  • Average Residential Gas Bill (by state)
  • Gas Industry Miles of Pipeline and Main
  • Historical Underground Storage Data

Along with numerous other tables, categorized by sector and state. Gas Facts is available to AGA members for $60.00 (non-member price, $120.00), by clicking here or visiting the Publications Catalog. Search using keywords “Gas Facts” or entering publication # F1012006.

Gas Facts can also be ordered by contacting TechStreet at (1-800-699-9277).


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