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Just and Reasonable as in J&R rates. This is a subjective term in ratemaking.
The space surrounding a cylinder of an engine through which a cooling liquid flows. Steam engine cylinders are sometimes heated by steam circulating through a jacket to prevent condensation on the inside cylinder walls. Also, the enclosure on an appliance such as a water heater, furnace, or boiler.
A device used in cable drilling, shaped like two elongated links, attached to the drilling tool, and used to jar the bit on the upward stroke, thus preventing the bit from sticking in the well-bore; also used to increase the impetus of a force exerted to free objects stuck in the well-bore.
A hydraulic device operated by pump pressure for the purpose of cleaning fluid out of the pits and tanks on a rotary drilling location.
The process of burying offshore or river crossing pipelines by hydraulically blowing sand or dirt from beneath the pipelines.
The connection between two lengths of material such as pipe. See LENGTH.
The location at which two pieces of pipe or a pipe and a fitting are connected together. NOTE: The joint may be made by an adhesive, a solvent-cement, heat joining, or a mechanical device such as threads or a ring seal.
Joint Compounds
Materials to be used on pipe joints, primarily to lubricate the threads and secondarily to prevent leakage.
Joint Costs
Joint, Leaded
A connection using lead as a sealant.
Joint, Mechanical
A connection in which two pieces of pipe are held together by mechanical means, bolts, or similar fasteners.
Joint, Screwed (Threaded Joint)
A connection in which an internal threaded fitting and an external threaded piece of pipe or other fitting are screwed together.
Joint, Welded
A connection made by the joining of metal parts in the plastic or molten state.
Joule-Thomson Effect
The cooling which occurs when a compressed gas is allowed to expand in such a way that no external work is done. The effect is approximately 7 degrees Fahrenheit per 100 psi for natural gas. See LAWS.
Joule-Thomson Expansion
The throttling effect produced when expanding a gas or vapor from a high pressure to a lower pressure with a corresponding drop in temperature.
Portion of the company's activities that are subject to the rules and regulations of the particular government entity which regulates it.
That part of a natural gas company's business which is subject to the rules and regulations of the Commission. Generally, the Commission has (1) rate jurisdiction over transportation and sales of gas for resale in interstate commerce and (2) certificate jurisdiction over those facilities (except purely gathering) used to transport gas across state lines in interstate commerce.
Just and Reasonable
Section 4(a) of the NGA of 1938 specifies that all rates and charges made, demanded, or received by any natural gas company for or in connection with the transportation or sale of natural gas ... shall be "just and reasonable." The term "just and reasonable" has been interpreted to apply to rates which are assessed without undue bias or discrimination that allow the natural gas companies to recover all prudently incurred costs applicable to rate payers, including a return on capital (i.e., the cost of capital) sufficient to maintain and support its credit and enable it to raise the money necessary for the proper discharge of its public duties.



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