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 Investor Relations 

The American Gas Association’s Investor Relations department represents the interests of AGA’s investor-owned member companies, and the energy utility industry as a whole, to investors, analysts, bankers, and other members of the financial community. Through a multi-channel approach, including meetings, educational forums and seminars, online services and publications, AGA provides the financial community with a centralized information and educational resource on energy utility industry issues.

Important Issues 

Defend My Dividend, a leading national grassroots advocacy campaign of which the American Gas Association and the Edison Electric Institute are partners, seeks to protect reasonable dividend income tax rates.  To learn more about this important effort, please visit the campaign's website:

Specifically, Defend My Dividend is dedicated to supporting President Obama's budget proposal and its maximum tax rate of 20 percent on dividend income.  You can learn more about AGA's legislative position on the dividend tax issue by clicking here.

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