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FERC Regulatory

FERC Regulatory Committee

Objective:  To successfully advocate policies at FERC that will maintain high quality pipeline service to LDCs, that will protect and enhance the value of transmission capacity held by LDCs, to promote the development of infrastructure, particularly for delivering new natural gas supplies to market, and to increase understanding by FERC Commissioners and staff of the commercial and operational context for LDCs.

Who Should Participate:  All full members of AGA are encouraged to participate on AGA’s FERC Regulatory Committee (FRC).  The FRC is comprised of general counsels and assistant general counsels, vice-presidents, directors and managers of gas supply, planning and regulatory affairs of AGA member companies.

What Participants Can Expect:  The FRC meets in person approximately six times per year to provide policy and technical guidance for developing AGA’s positions in FERC proceedings, technical conferences, workshops and appellate review of FERC matters.  The FRC also conducts business by email and conference calls to review draft pleadings, presentations and other advocacy documents.  FRC members receive timely summaries of significant FERC developments, actions taken and filings made in FERC proceedings.  The FRC presents workshops and conferences and engages in other direct advocacy efforts with FERC Commissioners and Staff.


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Committee Meetings Schedule

  • June 5, 2014:  AGA Offices, Washington, DC
  • October 10, 2014: New Orleans, LA
  • December 11, 2014:  AGA Offices, Washington, DC

AGA Energy Market Regulation Conference - New Orleans, Louisiana, October 9, 2014

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For more information see:

Andrew K. Soto | Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
American Gas Association
400 N. Capitol St., NW | Washington DC 20001
202.824.7215 | | fax 202.824.9086
cell 703.975.4022 |
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