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Natural Gas Security
DHS TSA Pipeline Security Division
Influenza Pandemic Planning Guide - Canadian Gas Association, Nov. 2006
Cyber Security Attack Targeting Process Control Systems
2010 Spring AGA/EEI Joint Security Conference Presentations
Energy – Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources Sector-Specific Plan, May 2007
Consolidated Edison's Security Operations Center (SOC) Presentation - Sept. 2008
DHS TSA "Pipeline Secruity Smart Practices, August 2006"
Cyber Security
Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards - Appendix A (DHS Web Site)
AGA Membership Security Skills Database, Spring 2008
Spectra Energy – Gas Measurement Fraud, Sept. 2007
DHS 2009 National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)
TSA-Office of Intelligence Pipeline Threat Assessment - October 2008
Technical Note: Background Screening Guidelines for Contract Workers - November 2007
2012 Fall AGA/EEI Security Presentations
2013 Spring AGA/EEI Security Conference Presentations


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