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ANSI ASC Z223 on National Fuel Gas Code
2015 National Fuel Gas Code

 2015 National Fuel Gas Code 

Second Public Review: Deadline is 1/20/14

The ASC Z223 is conducting a Second Public Review to revise ANSI Z223.1-2012, National Fuel Gas Code. All interested persons are invited to submit comments on these revisions.  The ASC Z223 Second Public Review Draft is the result of public comments that were either approved as submitted or committee amended code text to address a public comment. The deadline for comments is January 20, 2014.  Your comments must be limited to the subject of the revisions as shown in the Second Public Review Document. 

Note to Those who Submitted Comments on the First Public Review:  Persons who submitted comments on the first draft will need to refer to the NFPA Second Revision Report for disposition of their public comments and follow the NFPA process for any challenges to those actions.   



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