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Five Ways to Get the Most from Your Online American Gas!
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 Five Ways to Get the Most from Your Online American Gas! 

1. After the magazine loads, you may turn the pages as you would with a printed magazine by clicking on the corners of the pages, or by using the forward or back arrows located at the left side of the top toolbar. Each click allows you to move one page at a time.


  1. 2. To zoom in, click anywhere on a page. When zoomed in, click and hold your mouse button down to move around the page. Click again to zoom out. You may choose a custom zoom level by clicking on the small arrow under "Zoom". We recommend 150%-200%. Once selected, click anywhere outside the box to set.

3. Toggle between viewing two pages side-by-side or a single page at a time by clicking on the Page View button in the top toolbar on the right-hand side.

4. To select an article to read, click on the "Contents" tab at the bottom and click on the article of interest. Or, click on the article while reading the table of contents in the magazine.

5. To share a link with a friend, or add a link to your favorite social site,
click the share button that appears on the right of each page.

For additional tips, click on the Help button at the top right of the toolbar.


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