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Post-Election Update

Voters battled historically long lines as well as damage from Superstorm Sandy in some locations to cast their ballot in the 2012 Presidential Election. Our candidate for the future was top of mind with almost 80 percent of voters concerned with energy policies, according to a Harris Poll survey. When the ballots were in, it was announced that America had re-elected President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

The American Gas Association (AGA) looks forward to continuing to work with the President, his Administration and the 113th Congress to advance the energy conversation and create policies that encourage the growth of natural gas, as a foundation fuel. At the heart of these challenges is the urgent need to curb the unsustainable trajectory of our national debt and enact sound fiscal policy and tax reform. AGA urges the President and Congress to lay aside partisan differences and find lasting solutions that will encourage long-term economic prosperity and restore America’s faith in government.

AGA and America’s natural gas utilities have a vital role to play in working with the President and his Administration to ensure that together we can deliver the promises of natural gas. As an industry, AGA members are already laying the groundwork for meeting growing energy demand while continuing to safely and reliably deliver our product at affordable prices. AGA has been working to create a market and a regulatory framework that enables customers to realize the benefits of our domestic abundance of natural gas, and these efforts will continue.

AGA would like to thank all of those who supported our candidate and spread the word throughout the election. While the race for office may be over, our candidate will remain a subject of President Obama’s inauguration and First 100 Days. AGA will continue to provide engaging #VoteNatGas content throughout, so keep on the lookout and get involved.

To show your support, AGA has created a  variety of “Campaign” materials available below for use in social media channels. You can share graphics on your social media profiles, change your social media profile icons/cover photos, and retweet  and share “Campaign” content on Twitter and Facebook and include our #VoteNatGas hashtag.

Social Media Messages

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