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 American Gas Magazine December 2012/January 2013 

Current Issue: December 2012/January 2013

Ron Jibson: The Trust Factor
By Jake Rubin
On January 1, Ron Jibson, chairman, president, and CEO of Questar Corp. in Salt Lake City, Utah, will take on the mantle of chairman of the board of directors of the American Gas Association. AGA’s director of public relations sat down with Jibson to discuss his life, his career, and the lessons from his personal journey that he brings to the role.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: A Strong Position for 2013—Introducing AGA’s new chair, Ron Jibson, and thanking outgoing chair Larry Borgard.
Home on the Range—Thanks to new technology and energy-efficiency concerns, more homes in the U.S. and worldwide will be mostly—or entirely—powered by gas. A look inside some new models. By Gary James

Safety First: Informed and Aware—For industrial and commercial customers, safety issues can be different. Eric Schoeniger takes a look at what utilities need to know.

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