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 American Gas Magazine October 2012  

American Gas Magazine October 2012CURRENT ISSUE: October 2012

Keeping the Lights On 
By Andrew Soto and Scott Butler. Coordination between the gas and electrical markets is becoming crucial to ensuring electrical service reliability. Here’s how one company has approached this situation—and how its solution might work for other companies in other places.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: Charting a Path Forward — Amidst the attention surrounding the upcoming elections, it’s easy to lose sight of the goal: to govern and create an atmosphere where our citizens and our nation can prosper.

LNG Surplus:Supply Side Economics The DOE has put off a decision on opening up LNG exports until after the election. All stakeholders, says Patton Boggs partner Michael Cuda, need to arm themselves with knowledge about the key issues.

Safety First: Mayday, Mayday! — Mutual aid programs allow utilities in tight situations to “borrow” crews and equipment. Gary James explains how this works.

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