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 American Gas Magazine August/September 2012 

CURRENT ISSUE: August/September 2012

Taming the Talent Pipeline
By Haig Nalbantian, Philip Tenenbaum, and Jay Doherty. With the natural gas industry poised for continued global growth, talent may be more important than ever before. Here’s how labor market science can help. With a case study from Saudi Aramco, a strategic workplace plan, and a look at some of the key jobs the industry will need to fill.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: Pipelines and People — Just as important as the infrastructure that delivers our fuel is the infrastructure that keeps our companies moving: our workforces.
Campaign 2012: Decision Time — What are the candidates saying—and doing—about natural gas? Here’s a position paper from the Romney campaign and a chronicle of actions taken and opinions espoused by the Obama administration these past four years.
Safety First: Safety by Committee — AGA’s Andrew Lu checks in with three utility safety chiefs to see how their employee safety committees have helped them enhance their focus on safety.

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