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 American Gas Magazine July 2012 



Renewable Gas. Is it ready for prime time?
By S. Lawrence Paulson: While there’s plenty of support for the notion that methane recovered from dairy waste, landfills, and wastewater plants and cleaned to pipeline standards can become a significant source of green energy in North America, some experts say renewable gas—as a pipeline-delivered fuel—is still years away. A close look at the issues—and some answers.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: America's New Energy Pioneers
Natural gas is helping to write the next chapter in the American story.

In the Know: Making It Formal
Integrys’ Jim Schott, discusses his company’s corporate citizenship program and its impact on communities, education, and the environment throughout the company’s service area.

Safety First: The Road to Improving Safety
Answering AGA’s challenge to build a culture of safety, Piedmont Natural Gas has built a program that involves employees through conferences, communications, and companywide commitment. Piedmont’s Jane R. Lewis-Raymond and Victor M. Gaglio explain.

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