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 American Gas Magazine August/September 2013 

Current Issue: August/September 2013

Cover Story: A Matter of Trust
By Jennifer Pilla Taylor
Three years later, Pacific Gas & Electric’s recovery from San Bruno holds lessons for utilities nationwide.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: Building a Foundation of Trust—Trust in government may be fading, but that’s not the case with natural gas utilities, which are working to earn and keep the public’s trust every day.

Here Comes the Grid—Moving beyond smart meters, three industry experts look at the advantages the smart grid holds for the natural gas industry. By Jim Marean, Rick Smead, and Carl Porter

Burner Tips: Aiming the Lifeline—How Baltimore Gas and Electric mined data to find and reach out to lower-income customers—helping then get the assistance they need to pay their bills. By David Conn

Headway: Housing Rebounds. Spread the Word—With the housing industry experiencing its best year since 2008, next February’s International Builders’ Show, now combined with the Kitchen & Bath Show, is providing some exciting opportunities for the industry. By Tracy Burleson



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