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 American Gas Magazine February 2013 

CURRENT ISSUE: February 2013

Profile: NARUC’s Philip B. Jones
Philip B. Jones, NARUC’s incoming president, talks with AGA’s Kyle Rogers about how utilities and regulators can work together on safety, infrastructure, and cybersecurity.


President’s Message: Continuing the Conversation—Through a wide range of communications tools, AGA leads a fact-based dialogue on natural gas.
On the Docket: A look at some of the policies, regulations, and legislative issues that are likely to affect the natural gas industry in 2013. Plus: Six people to watch this year. By Eric Schoeniger and Sue Khodarahmi

Pipeline: Ford’s new CNG-powered hauler; LNG roundup; smart meters in Italy; Apple’s new biogas-powered data center; America becomes a net energy exporter; and more.

Burner Tips: The Impact of Exports: A recent report on LNG exports is being carefully scrutinized and hotly debated. WilmerHale partner Mark Kalpin explores the issues and explains why making your opinion known is critical.

Headway: How long-term planning as well as involvement by AGA member company executives helped keep dividends from falling off the fiscal cliff.  By Peter Haapaniemi



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