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 American Gas Magazine July 2013 

Current Issue: July 2013

Cover Story: Work in Progress
By Sue Khodarahmi
Recognizing critical skills shortages, natural gas producers and utilities are casting a wide net for homegrown talent.

Inside This Issue:
President’s Message: Reaching the Workers of Tomorrow — Filling the industry’s talent gap will help solidify the legacy of natural gas’s role in the transformation of American energy.

Profile: Ann Randazzo — Although the natural gas industry urgently needs to fill positions, it also needs to look at where the next generation of workers will come from. CEWD has some ideas. Executive Director Ann Randazzo explains.

For Good Measure — A look at some emerging technologies for natural gas flow measurement and leak detection.

Headway: Framing a Fact-Based Search — Partnering with a number of advocacy and research organizations, AGA has placed itself in the company of those seeking accurate data and realistic information about the future of natural gas.


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