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 American Gas Magazine February 2014 

Current Issue: February 2014
Profile: NARUC’s Colette Honorable
NARUC’s incoming president, Colette Honorable, talks with AGA’s Kyle Rogers about how utilities and regulators can work together on workforce development, safety, infrastructure, and more.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: The Benefits of Working Together—By joining forces with builders, we’re making headway in the housing market. By working with state regulators and NARUC, we’re examining and, when appropriate, updating policies to match the new market realities.

Safety Mandates: Regulations and the New Energy Landscape—New regulatory initiatives will require huge investments. But AGA members are actively engaged in actions to enhance safety and reliability.

Housing Update: Gas for the Masses—Despite the shale gas revolution, many natural gas features in homes are still treated as luxuries. What will it take to bring more gas to more homes.

Headway: Talking to a New Generation—Explaining natural gas safety to young people requires a different approach—as well as different tools and techniques—than talking to adults.


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