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 American Gas Magazine June 2014 

Current Issue: June 2014
Cover Story: A New World Order
Global gas trade has long been dominated by a few nations, but that’s about to change. What will proliferating production mean for gas markets and geopolitics? 
Plus: A look at new frontiers for gas development.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: A New Era of Energy Security—The United States is poised to experience a second shot at global preeminence as much of the world is struggling with lagging economic growth and increased energy dependence.

Elements: Snow Peaks—Natural gas met the challenge of a record-breaking 2013-14 winter. But has the “polar vortex” changed the equation for gas-supply planners?

Headway: Once in a Generation—Next June, at the World Gas Conference in Paris, the U.S. will move into the presidency of the IGU. Plan to attend this significant event. 


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