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 American Gas Magazine May 2014  

Current Issue: May 2014
Cover Story: Investment Review—Rational Exuberance
For investors, the love affair with natural gas continues. But to retain and increase investors’ interest, utilities must continue to modernize and expand infrastructure. 

Plus: A look at M&A opportunities for smaller utilities.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: “Keep Doing What You Are Doing”—In this issue, we commemorate two key anniversaries—one tied to our commitment to safety, and one showing how this commitment has translated into dividends.

Operations: Open Secrets—AGA’s Best Practices Program lets utilities share the secrets to success. Reports from the field.

Headway: Enhancing Cybersecurity Through Information Sharing—The Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Centers can help utilities acquire and use timely, actionable information. 



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