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AGA Statement regarding the crucial role of clean, domestic and efficient natural gas in our energy future
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New Report Details Increases in Natural Gas Supply in U.S.
Natural Gas Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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Lawrence Borgard, of Integrys Energy Group, Elected First Vice Chairman of AGA Board of Directors
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AGA Testifies at U.S. House of Representatives Pipeline Safety Oversight Hearing
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Members of the Natural Gas and Oil Industry Announce New Effort to Improve Pipeline System Safety
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AGA Comments on NTSB’s Pipeline Safety Recommendations
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AGA Applauds Bipartisan Pipeline Safety Bill
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AGA Commends House Committee Bipartisan Passage Of Pipeline Safety Bill
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AGA Submits Comments Reaffirming Support of the NAT GAS Act
AGA to Host 2018 World Gas Conference in Washington, D.C.
AGA Says Reliable and Stable Prices for Consumers This Winter
AGA Applauds U.S. Senate for Bipartisan Passage of Pipeline Safety Bill
AGA’s Distinguished Service Award to Douglas H. Yaeger of The Laclede Group
Lawrence T. Borgard, of Integrys Energy Group, Elected 2012 Chairman of AGA
AGA Releases Commitment to Enhancing Safety
Secretary LaHood Thanks AGA for Leading Industry Collaboration on Safety
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AGA Incoming Chairman, Lawrence T. Borgard, Natural Gas Has Opportunities and Challenges in 2012
Natural Gas Utilities Helped Customers Save $62 Per Household Last Year
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LIHEAP Preventing Families From Being Left Out In The Cold
AGA Commends Senate for Swift Passage of Pipeline Safety Bill
Natural Gas Council Statement on NERC Natural Gas-Electric Interdependency Assessment
AGA Applauds Policy Guidance on Cyber Threat Information Sharing and Antitrust
Utilities Work With Congress to Continue Safe Delivery of Natural Gas
Thomas E. Skains, Piedmont Natural Gas, Receives AGA’s Distinguished Service Award


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 New Report Finds Natural Gas Critical to a Smart Energy Future   


WASHINGTON—Natural gas is the key to a smart energy future through its efficient, safe and reliable delivery and its use as an abundant, domestic, affordable, low-carbon energy source for all segments of the economy, according to a white paper released today by the Gas Technology Institute and Navigant Consulting.

The paper, Natural Gas in a Smart Energy Future, was sponsored by five major natural gas groups, representing all segments of the North American industry: The American Gas Foundation, APGA Research Foundation; Canadian Gas Association, the INGAA Foundation Inc. and the Natural Gas Supply Association. It states that we must take action to aggressively pursue smart energy solutions in order to achieve key goals by 2030.

“A smart energy future is critical to our nation’s economic well-being, environmental health and security,” said Jose Lozano, chairman of the APGA Research Foundation.  “No other fuel choice serves all those interests as well as natural gas.  It is abundant, efficient, clean, safe and affordable. This report defines the ‘smart’ and ‘strategic’ roles of natural gas in a smart energy future and serves to ensure that natural gas is part of the conversation in policy and infrastructure planning discussions between industry, regulators and policy makers.”

The white paper identifies key tools and steps, as well as a number of action items for both policymakers and the industry, to move toward a smart energy future. 

"This report underscores the ability of natural gas to make the smart grid smarter," said R. Skip Horvath, president and CEO of the Natural Gas Supply Association.  "We already know that the use of natural gas in power generation and in homes, businesses and factories contributes to cleaner air and greater energy efficiency. This white paper lays out the ways that natural gas is needed to achieve a smarter energy future, characterized by the ability of suppliers and consumers to rapidly and efficiently respond to changing energy needs."

INGAA Foundation President Don Santa added, "Natural gas must be fully integrated with electricity from multiple sources, including renewables, to ensure a smart energy future.  In achieving this vision, and implementing seamless communications and data management between the gas and electric infrastructure, we will make our energy system more reliable, safer and better able to manage peak demand.”

Gregg S. Kantor, chairman of the American Gas Foundation noted, “Better energy integration and improved technology and infrastructure will lead to increased safety, reliability and efficiency, and will provide economic and national security benefits that we cannot afford to delay. Natural gas is critical to achieving these results, and we are pleased be a part of helping bring to light the role it has in this smart energy future.”

The findings in the report have international implications as well. “Abundantly available, affordable, safe, versatile, and reliable, natural gas is a clean source of energy for buildings, communities, industry, power generation, and transportation,” said CGA President Timothy Egan.  “Natural gas meets 30 percent of Canada’s energy needs and this report illustrates that natural gas is smart energy, a strategic asset and the foundation of Canada’s smart energy future.

Click here for the executive summary and the full white paper.


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The American Gas Association, founded in 1918, represents more than 200 local energy companies that deliver clean natural gas throughout the United States. There are more than 71 million residential, commercial and industrial natural gas customers in the U.S., of which 94 percent — over 68 million customers — receive their gas from AGA members. Today, natural gas meets almost one-fourth of the United States' energy needs.

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