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 AGA Workshops on Pipeline Integrity & Natural Gas Emissions 

AGA held a workshop on October 17, 2013 to reach out to environmental groups and academics on the issue of natural gas emissions, lost and unaccounted for (LUAF) gas, and the role of gas utility distribution integrity programs and infrastructure replacement.  The goal was to change the trajectory of the public policy debate by getting the thought leaders grounded in the facts and reality of gas utility operations.  This was the second workshop in a series of two.  AGA held a similar workshop on August 28, and the participants asked to come back for a deeper dive.  The attached presentations from member company speakers are made available to other AGA local gas distribution (LDC) full members and pipeline limited members as a courtesy and for their use, with the understanding that these presentations will be shared publically without first contacting the speaker for permission and appropriate updates.

October 17, 2013 Workshop –  Agenda and Presentations

August 28, 2013 Workshop – Agenda and Presentations



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