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Link to EPA's Resource for MGP Site Characterization and Remediation
AGA Joins Industry Friend of the Court Brief in New Mexico v. General Electric to Oppose Natural Resource Damages for Site Cleanups (May 27, 2005)
SOS Summary: MGP Cost Recovery from Insurance Companies (Sept. 2004)
NAM's Comments on EPA's Reconsideration of NSR Equipment Replacement Rule (Aug. 30, 2004)
EPA Letter Clarifying TCLP Exemption for MGP Waste (Oct. 19, 2000)
Court Vacates Federal 'Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure' (TCLP) For MGP Remediation Waste: Battery Recyclers Assoc. v. EPA (April 21, 2000)
AGA Alert: Court Holds EPA's Toxicity Test Does Not Apply To Manufactured Gas Plant Wastes Under Federal Program (April 21, 2000)
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 Link to EPA's Resource for MGP Site Characterization and Remediation 

This document was prepared by the USEPA to provide current information on useful approaches and tools being applied at former MGP sites to the regulators and utilities characterizing and remediating these sites. The document outlines site management strategies and field tools for expediting site characterization at MGP sites; presents a summary of existing technologies for remediating MGP wastes in soils; provides sufficient information on the benefits, limitations, and costs of each technology, tool, or strategy for comparison and evaluation; and provides, by way of case studies, examples of the ways these tools and strategies can be implemented at MGP sites.

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