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Integrity Management
Performance Standards
Rate Stabilization
Revenue Decoupling
Map of States with Non-Volumetric Rate Designs for Natural Gas (February 2009)
Update on Revenue Decoupling Mechanisms (July2008)
Map of States With Natural Gas Revenue Decoupling (January 2010)
List of Companies with Natural Gas Revenue Decoupling (July 2009)
Joint Statement of the American Gas Association and the Natural Resources Defense Council (July 2004)
Map of States with Non-Volumetric Rates and Weather Normalization Adjustments (January 2010)
Map of States with Non-Volumetric Rate Designs: Decoupling, Flat Monthly Fee, Rate Stabilization (January 2010)
Map of States with Decoupling and Flat Monthly Fees (January 2010)
Christensen Associates 2005 Evaluation of NW Natural Decoupling Program (March 2005)
AGA Response To ELCON Revenue Decoupling Policy Brief (April 2008)
AGA Decoupling Presentation to NY State Bar Association (July 2008)
ROE and Cost of Capital
Flat Monthly Fee (SFV)
Infrastructure Investment Cost Recovery Mechanisms

 Update on Revenue Decoupling Mechanisms (July2008) 


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