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 AGA Issue Briefs - Responsible Natural Gas Development  

AGA is an active presence in the regulatory and policy conversations about natural gas resource development, to the extent these issues impact our members’ ability to provide their customers with affordable and reliable natural gas service. The Responsible Natural Gas Issue Brief series has been developed at AGA in response to requests from members’ environmental, policy, communications and gas supply staff for a comprehensive, middle-of-the-road analysis of the regulatory and industry activity surrounding unconventional natural gas development. The Issue Brief series also describes AGA activities that use supply-focused messaging to build awareness about and create a preference for natural gas, with policymakers, intermediaries and key stakeholder groups alike. 

 Link to Issue Brief No. 1  (August 2012)
 Link to Issue Brief No. 2 (December 2012)
 Link to Issue Brief No. 3 (April 2013)                                                                       Link to Issue Brief No. 4 (July 2013)                                                                          Link to Issue Brief No. 5 (October 2013)                                                                  Link to Issue Brief No. 6 (December 2013)
Link to Issue Brief No. 7 (July 2014)


For more information, contact Arushi Sharma, Counsel, Regulatory Affairs    


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