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American Gas Magazine - Past Safety Articles

 American Gas Magazine - Past Safety Articles 

(American Gas Magazine Cover - August/September 2012) 

American Gas provides natural gas industry professionals of all disciplines with the information they need to enhance their effectiveness and that of their companies.  The magazine offers late-breaking details about industry activities and trends, engineering and operations insights, business strategies and advocacy issues, AGA efforts and accomplishments, and other topics of interest to industry professionals. 

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  • Mayday! Mayday! Mutual aid programs allow utilities in tight situations to “borrow” crews and equipment. (Oct 2012)
  • Safety by Committee: AGA’s Andrew Lu checks in with three utility safety chiefs to see how their employee safety committees have helped them enhance their focus on safety. (Aug/Sep 2012)  
  • The Road to Improving Safety: Answering AGA’s challenge to build a culture of safety, Piedmont Natural Gas has built a program that involves employees through conferences, communications, and companywide commitment. Piedmont’s Jane R. Lewis-Raymond and Victor M. Gaglio explain. (July 2012) 
  • Safety First: The Road to Improving Safety: The AGA Board of Directors Safety Committee continues to create a road map outlining routes toward an ever-safer industry. (June 2012)
  • It’s Unanimous: Pipeline Safety Is Key: In rare full agreement, in December 2011 both houses of Congress unanimously passed the Pipeline Safety, Regulatory Certainty and Job Creation Act of 2012. (May 2012)
  • Going for the Gold
    Several CEOs discuss how their companies keep safety front and center. Plus other highlights from the 2011 Executive Leadership Safety Summit. (Feb 2012)
  • Assessing Pipeline Safety Now
    A critical milestone is approaching for transmission integrity management operators.  (Dec 2011/Jan2012)
  • Helping to Guide Growth: The Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance has issued recommended practices for pipeline safety and land use planning. (Nov 2011)
  • Pipeline Safety: Our Paramount Priority: AGA and the natural gas industry are working hard to make the U.S. pipeline delivery system as safe as possible. (July 2011)
  • Ever Vigilant - U.S. DOT Secretary Ray LaHood shares his plan for keeping America’s pipelines safe.  (Jun 2011)
  • Keeping Safety First - Eastern Shore Natural Gas Co. - honored with AGA’s Safety Achievement Award seven years running - shares some of the keys to its safety successes. (Mar 2011)
  • Going All In On Safety - From driving to expanded quality assurance programs, this year’s Safety Leadership Summit offered insights on staying safe. (Dec 2010)
  • Safety First: Selecting Security Systems - A public-private partnership gathers data and smart practices from around the nation. (Oct 2010)
  • Safety First: No Compromising on Safety - This energy company’s safety culture has helped it achieve some of the lowest recordable and lost-time injury rates in the U.S. and global energy markets. Here’s how it works.... (July 2010)
  • A Safer Tomorrow
    From protecting job sites to averting workplace violence, Safety Leadership Summit presentations advised utilities on the best ways to stay safe. (Feb 2010)
  • Safety: A Team Effort
    One utility shares how it works with  contractors to get the job done safely and effectively. (Jan 10)
  • Keeping the Peace
    With incidents of violence against workers in the field on the upswing, utilities are focused on keeping employees safe. (Oct 2009)
  • Safety in Numbers
    AGA ’s annual employee safety report helps utilities track their performance. (Sep 2009)
  • Haven't Got TIme for the Pain
    Stretching programs can help revent strain-sprain injuries (Apr 2009
  • Cultivating a Safety Culture
    A 'top-down, bottom-driven' approach to safety (Nov 2006)



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