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 Safety Information Resource Center 




AGA's Dave McCurdy says that our industry's defining moment is now.  The high profile incidents of the past few years have focused public attention on the safety of natural gas. This page exists simply because we recognize the importance of safety in all aspects of our industry.


Every day we make decisions that affect not only our own personal safety, but also the safety of our employees, co-workers and customers.  Every day we have the ability to make a difference, to prevent incidents from occurring, prevent damage, deaths and injury and to positively impact safety through our actions and the actions of those around us.  We also have the responsibility to learn from those incidents and accidents that do occur.


Each year AGA hosts our Executive Leadership Safety Summit.  The Summit brings together top level executives from our member companies to share ideas and procedures that can be incorporated throughout our industry to improve the safety culture within individual organizations.  The 2013 Summit will be held  in Washington, DC in November. We invite you to follow this link to the presentations from our most recent Safety Summit.


We encourage you to make the most of the linked resources and member forum to gather ideas that you may implement and to share your own ideas about what we as an industry can do to improve safety. Please note, all links are subject to this sites Terms and Conditions.




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