Advocacy Priorities

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Advocacy Priorities

AGA's Advocacy Priorities

Pipeline Safety: Represent Natural Gas Utility and Customer Interests in the Implementation of Pipeline Safety Legislation and Regulation

Natural Gas as a Foundation Fuel: Promote Federal and State Energy Policies that Establish Natural Gas as a Foundation Fuel for Meeting the Nation s Energy Needs in a Reliable, Clean, Secure and Affordable Manner

Natural Gas Supply: Advocate Natural Gas Supply Diversity, Stability and Responsible Development

Infrastructure: Cybersecurity: Advocate for Reasonable and Effective Cybersecurity Policy

Efficient Natural Gas Solutions: Advocate Federal and State Policies that Support Expanded Use of Natural Gas in Homes and Businesses and to Provide Consumers with Efficient Energy Solutions

NARUC: Represent Natural Gas Utility and Customer Interests before NARUC and with State Policymaker Organizations to Enhance Awareness of Natural Gas Market Conditions and Gas Utility Efforts to Serve Customers

Natural Gas as a Transportation Alternative: Advocate Federal and State Policies that Promote the Development of Natural Gas as a Transportation Alternative

Innovative Regulation: System Integrity: Advocate Innovative Rate Approaches that Promote Natural Gas System Integrity and Efficiency

Natural Gas and Electric System Coordination: Represent Natural Gas Utility Interests in the Development of Natural Gas and Electric Coordination Policy

LIHEAP: Maintain LIHEAP Funding. Engage with Legislators and Other Key Stakeholders to Stress the Importance of Maintaining/Increasing LIHEAP Funding which is Critical to Serve Low Income Energy Customers.

Increase Access to Natural Gas Infrastructure: Advocate Policies that Support Increased Access to Natural Gas Service for Homes, Businesses and Industry
Corporate Tax Reform: Support Broad Based Corporate Tax Reform. Advocate for Policies that Encourage Long-Term Investment in Capital Formation and Job Creation

Advocate for Well-Functioning Natural Gas Markets: Advocate before FERC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and Congress to Ensure Well-Functioning Natural Gas Markets and the Continued Reliability of Pipeline Service to Bring Natural Gas Supplies to LDC Markets

Infrastructure: Physical Security: Engage with Congress, the Administration, State Regulators and Policymakers and Federal Agencies to Ensure Policies That Bolster Existing Federal Government-Industry Partnerships and Promote Coordination among Government Agencies

Air Regulations: Protect LDC Customers and Prevent Unworkable Air Regulations on Utility, Commercial and Industrial Operations

Federal Environmental Permits: Defend Streamlined Federal Environmental Permits for Pipeline Safety and Distribution Infrastructure Investments
Appliance Standards and Building Code Proceedings: Promote the Efficient and Safe Use of Natural Gas in Homes and Buildings

Innovative Regulation: Energy Efficiency: Advocate for Innovative Regulatory Approaches that Enhance Utilities Ability to Help their Customers Use Energy Efficiently

PCBs and Asbestos Pipe Wrap Regulation: Obtain Workable Rules on PCBs and Asbestos Pipe Wrap

Seek Workable Accounting Rules: Work with Other Trade Associations that Represent Network Utilities to Secure Accounting Rules that Do Not Impose Burdens on Utilities by Increasing the Variability of Reported Earnings

Waste and Site Cleanup Regulations: Leverage Resources through Participation in Utility Solid Waste Activities Group (USWAG) and Other Coalitions