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Corrosion Control
2007 Spring CP and Coating Task Group Minutes
AGA Comments Submitted to PHMSA on NPRM Regarding Internal Corrosion Design and Construction Considerations for New and Replacement Pipelines: Feb 2006
Bonding & Grounding of CSST Gas Piping SOS Summary: May 2007
AGA Cased Pipe Assessment Letter to PHMSA: April 2007
Copper Clad Steel Tracer Wire SOS Summary: May 2006
AGA Follow Up Cased Pipe Assessment Letter to PHMSA: March 2008
Committee IMP Data Integration Survey Feb 2005
Internal Corrosion Control for Design and Construction of Transmission Lines: April 2007
Corrosion Protection Criteria Procedures SOS Summary: June 2005
PHMSA Response to AGA's Cased Pipe Assessment Letter: April 2008
PHMSA Study: Demonstration of ECDA Applicability and Reliability for Demanding Situations
Pipeline Coating Considerations for Directional Drilling/Boring: July 2004
PHMSA Response Letter to AGA Regarding Cased Pipe Assessment: Oct 2007
PHMSA Summary for Casing Workshop


  1. Evaluates application of corrosion mitigation methods to natural gas drilling, gathering, storage, transmission, and distribution systems. 
  2. Initiates discussion and research that will lead to development of improved techniques for the application of corrosion control technology and integrity management.
  3. Provides forum to promote the use of best practices and procedures for the application of cathodic protection in accordance with recognized engineering practices and procedures and the rules and regulations of government authorities.
  4. Provides technical support and leadership with other committees in applying transmission and distribution integrity management processes and procedures.
  5. Provides technical support and leadership with other committees to support AGA activities for federal regulatory enhancements to transmission or distribution integrity management.
  6. Supports AGA events by providing technical support and leadership on program content and making presentations on corrosion control and integrity management topics.
  7. Collects, develops, and disseminates technical data and information with specific reference to the committee’s scope of interest.
  8. Sponsors programs and papers in a cooperative effort in related technical symposia, sponsors the publication of committee reports and papers, and the development of articles for publications.
  9. Monitors and reviews Federal legislation, codes, and associated rulemaking activities which affect the industry and are within the committee's scope of activities, and advises the Managing Committee of items of concern.
  10. Provides liaison with appropriate industry groups, professional associations, research organizations and other committees for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to the concerned areas of interest.
  11. Develops and publishes committee reports and technical papers and provides liaison with/from appropriate national and international industry groups, professional associations and other committee for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to areas of interest.
  12. Identifies research priorities to enhance the safe, reliable and cost–effective delivery of natural gas.

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