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Distribution and Transmission Engineering
SOS Summary: Updating Maps - July 2007
DTE Committee Open Forum 36 (September 2007)
DTE Committee Projects Report - 2010
Fall 2008 Committee Meeting Minutes
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2007 Spring Meeting Minutes - April 23-24, Grapevine, TX
Spring Meeting Minutes, May 12-16, 2008 - Phoenix, AZ
2007 Spring Committee Meeting Highlights
DTE Committee Open Forum 37 (September 2008)
DTE Committee Open Forum 38 (February 2010)
Gas Utility Right-of-Way Overview (July 2005)
SOS Summary: Risk-Related Data Associated w/Transmission Pipeline Integrity (July 2008)
SOS Summary: High Voltage Line - September 2007
SOS Summary: Work Management Systems - October 2007
Transmission Pipeline References
DTE Open Forum 40
SOS Summary: Hydrogen in Gas - 2007
DTE Open Forum 41
DTE Open Forum 42

Distribution and Transmission Engineering 

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  1. Collect, develop, and disseminate technical data and information with specific reference to:
    • The mechanical design of distribution & transmission systems and the components of such systems.
    • The analysis of the capability and capacity of distribution & transmission systems and the components of such systems.
    • Investigation and application of management science, economic analysis, and other analytical tools to all aspects of the design of distribution & transmission pipeline systems.
    • New technologies and their applicability to the mechanical design, analysis and operation of distribution & transmission systems and their components.
  2. Sponsor programs, papers and cooperative efforts in related technical symposia and publish suggested engineering practices and guidelines, technical notes, manuals, white papers, etc. in response to member needs. .
  3. Monitor, review and provide forum for discussion of Federal legislation, codes, and associated rule-making activities related to gas distribution system; advise the Managing Committee of items of concern; and develop and/or assist in developing position papers to positively influence such activities.
  4. Provide liaison with appropriate industry groups, professional associations, research organizations, and other committees for the exchange of information and technical assistance in the areas of interest.
  5. Identify research priorities to enhance the safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of natural gas.

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