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Distribution Measurement & Regulation
2008 Spring Conference: Distribution Measurement Presentations
Spring Committee Meeting Minutes - May 18-19, 2009
Fall Meeting Minutes - October 7-9, 2008
Gas Meter Testing & Change-Out Study (Accessible by AGA full members only)
DMC Fall Meeting Minutes - Sept. 29-30, 2009
2010 DMC Spring Meeting Minutes
DMC Fall 2012 Meeting Minutes
DMC Spring 2013 Agenda
Presentations from the DMC Spring 2013
DMC 2013 Spring meeting minutes


  1. Reviews shop and field procedures for handling, testing and maintaining metering and associated equipment used on distribution system lines from the transmission line gate station to the customer's connection downstream of the meter.
  2. Evaluates design, maintenance, management, and testing operations for gas measurement, regulators, and associated station equipment used on the gas distribution systems.
  3. Analyzes and monitors performance and utilization of gas measurement and associated station equipment, and evaluates equipment data for accuracy, reliability, and safety considerations.
  4. Applies and reviews methods, procedures, systems, and techniques to collect, audit, and transfer distribution measurement data for end users. 
  5.  Identifies research priorities to enhance the safe, reliable and cost–effective delivery of natural gas.
  6. Develops and publishes presentations, programs, reports, research, and technical notes on gas measurement for reference by the members and the gas industry.
  7. Provides an avenue to review and coordinate responses and input on issues relative to regulatory, legislation, and/or code and standards which affect gas measurement.
  8. Collects, develops, and disseminates technical data and information with specific reference to the committee’s scope of interest.
  9. Sponsors programs and papers in a cooperative effort in related technical symposia, sponsors the publication of committee reports and papers, and the development of articles for publications.
  10. Monitors and reviews Federal legislation, codes, and associated rulemaking activities which affect the industry and are within the committee's scope of activities, and advises the Managing Committee of items of concern.
  11. Provides liaison with appropriate industry groups, professional associations, research organizations and other committees for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to the concerned areas of interest.
  12. Develops and publishes committee reports and technical papers and provides liaison with/from appropriate national and international industry groups, professional associations and other committee for the exchange of information and technical assistance relative to areas of interest.


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